Hi, I'm Caden Felton :-)

I'm a sophomore at Vanderbilt studying Computer Science. I love people, tech, food, and learning. I use parentheses (a lot). Here's a little bit more about me.

What I'm up to 📍

  • Building Appa
  • Learning things at Vanderbilt
  • Reading and (occasionally) writing
  • Helping college kids donate to effective charities with One For the World
  • (Kind of) learning how to cook
  • Juggling!

What I was up to ⌛

One of my favorite things is meeting new people, and I'd 🖤 to meet you. Contact me via cadenmfelton@gmail.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, or GitHub (actually not sure how you could contact me via GitHub, open a pull request maybe? I'm open to it).